Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What took me so long

Wow! How things have changed! I have meant to post for a long time (almost two years) but cannot seem to find the time. So much has happened. I have lost a job and found another, Kristi has gone back to work and bought into a business, Thatcher (or Thatch as his buddies and teachers call him) has started real school and is now in the first grade and Amelia Belle is thriving and has really blossomed since we have been home.

What has prompted me to write was a posting I saw on a Yahoo Group. Amelia was adopted from Shanwei Child Welfare Institute (orphanage) but was originally found on the steps of the orphanage in Haifeng County. She spent almost a year at Haifeng County and was then transferred to Shanwei for the remainder of her 22 months in China. I had not hear of any babies being adopted form Haifeng, so made some assumptions. I believed and still do that we are blessed that she was transferred to Shanwei through God's Providence, otherwise we would not have gotten her And I assumed she was the only baby from Haifeng that transferred to Shanwei. Well, today I read two posts from parents who have babies from Haifeng/ Shanwei. I don't know exactly what that means, but for whatever reason that excites me. I really want to be able to provide Amelia with more information, but at this point we really know nothing, so it is exciting to connect to people that can possibly provide insight into her past, however limited that insight might be.

Anyway, I'll update with more stuff later, but for now I wanted to post more recent pics of Amelia Belle and Thatcher.

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